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Online Bipolar Test

The Test to answer your Question: Am I Bipolar?

Is the question: “Am I bipolar?” something that you have always asked yourself? Is this medical condition something that you would like to learn more about such as the signs and symptoms associated with it as well as how you can tell if you have this specific type of disorder? In this article, we will provide you with the answers to these questions that you may have.


Bipolar Disorder: What it Is

So what is bipolar disorder? This disorder is a type of medical condition that is characterized by abrupt as well as abnormal mood swings. These mood swings are often referred to as depression and mania. There are three general classifications of this type of disorder. These include Type 1, Type 2, and Cyclothymia.

Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder

The diagnosis of the bipolar disorder is done through the observation of a psychiatrist of at least one depressed state as well as one manic phase. However, while this type of medical condition can only be diagnosed completely through the observation and the methods used by apsychiatrist, undergoing a bipolar test can also be used. This test helps determine whether a person who is suffering from severe mood swings is already bipolar or not. If the mood swings that you are experiencing are so severe, it is best that you already seek the services of a medical professional.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

There are several signs and symptoms of the bipolar disorder. If there are moments wherein you feel more upbeat than normal, if you feel as if you no longer have to sleep, if you talk a lot and very fast, if you experience extreme levels of sexual urges, or if you often have racing thoughts, then you might already be suffering from mania. Taking a bipolar test will help you decide whether you are in need of the services of a psychiatrist or another professional specializing in mental health.

More Bipolar Test Questions

In order for the results of the bipolar test to be accurate, you should have suffered from at least one depression episode and you should also be at least eighteen years of age.

  • Are there times wherein you are extremely talkative and talk a lot faster than normal?
  • Are there times wherein you feel like you are more active than usual?
  • Do you experience moods wherein you feel very irritable or speeded up?
  • Are there times wherein you have felt very depressed and elated at the same time?
  • Are there times wherein you have felt extreme sexual urges or have become more interested in it than usual?
  • Are there times wherein your self confidence ranges from being overly confident to extremely self-doubting?
  • Are there times wherein the quality and the quantity of your work have greatly varied?
  • Are there times wherein you feel very hostile or angry without any apparent reason?
  • Do you have periods of creative thinking and other times of mental dullness?
  • Are there times wherein you want to be with other people and other times that all you want is to be left alone?
  • Are there times wherein you feel very optimistic and other times very pessimistic?
  • Do you have periods of crying excessively and other times wherein you just want to laugh excessively?
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11 Responses

  1. John

    What’s the best
    Medication to treat it?

    1. Mireia

      that you should talk to sobedomy. It sounds like that’s what you want to do but that you feel like you’re parents have dismissed you in the past and you don’t feel comfortable trying to talk to them again. I would probably feel the same way in your situation. If you can find sobedomy like a school counselor or teacher, another adult relative you feel comfortable with, or even one of your friend’s parents that you can talk to, that might be a good idea. From there you can ask them to help you, and maybe they can help you talk to your parents and get you to a counselor or psychiatrist; this will be easier if your parents are there to support you. I suggest this first because counselors aren’t free. If there is nobody else that you can talk to, then by all means see if you can get a hold of a counselor who is willing to take some time to talk to you for a little bit without payment and then maybe they can help you talk to your parents. Even though counselors need to make a living, they are first and foremost there to help you. I am glad to hear that you have never attempted suicide and I truly hope that you never do. Please, if you feel like you want to end your life then go to the hospital or call 911. I won’t lie and say that things will be better right away; you might have to spend some time in the hospital, but look at Demi Lovato and how much better she is doing after spending time getting help. I too have been in the hospital and used to s/h. There is no shame in asking for help, and don’t ever forget that you are not alone. Each and every one of you on here will be in my thoughts.

  2. Candylynn Marie

    I know that I have bipolar disorder , now I just want to know to what extent that my bipolar is ..

    1. Marlen

      Since I don’t personally know you or your mom, I don’t know if I can be a lot of help. But I have a few stguesgions. If you have a friend who already knows how you feel or who you might be able to tell first, you might try talking to your friend and have your friend there when you talk to your mom. Another idea is to look for ideas online; you might find something that sounds right for you. My other suggestion is to write a letter. When I was 17 I was going through some things and I didn’t know how to tell my mom, so I wrote a poem. If writing would be right for you, then just start writing; maybe you could even show her this website and let her know that you feel like you could have Bipolar and that you would like to talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist to try and figure out for sure. Remember, Bipolar and every other mental illness is just that, an illness. Nobody can control it, some people need medication. I try to remind myself that just like people who have diabetes and need medicine, I have Bipolar and need medicine. Don’t ever forget that you are not alone, even celebrities like Demi Lovato have Bipolar. Remember to stay strong.

  3. mental health

    Have you been thinking about death or suicide more than usual, or have you tried
    to commit suicide. In addition, cognitive behavioral therapy may be
    offered or group therapy. Diagnosis can be difficult and Manic
    depression is classed as a chronic relapsing illness so it best to work with an experienced Psychiatrist and
    continue treatmet even when you’re feeling better..

  4. sandra

    I started seeing a psyciatrist 20 years ago. She suspected that I migh be bipolar but never really said I was. When I asked her for a diagnosis, she diagnosed me with cyclothymia and told me it was an ongoing but mild depression. I never felt that it was mild at all. Also, I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder and Trchatillamania and was put on xanax and I was put on serzone (now nefazodone) the generic name, for anxiety and depression. I took it for years and serzone was pulled of the shelves and it was no longer available. I did not hear about the generic until recently. I have found that it is the only drug that has really worked to get my depression and anxiety under control. Other meds would help anxiety but would not do a thing for my depression. I moved to Pittsburgh for about 11 years and the Doctor up there diagnosed me with Major Depression and anxiety. Since, I have moved back to Florida and I have been seeing another Doctor. I, again, had trouble with meds. I found out through her that the generic of serzone was available. I begged her to put me back on this drug. I have only been taking it for a few weeks, but I have high hopes. I guess, after taking this test, I should tell her my score of 31. Although, if this drug worked like it did before, I should be doing much better soon. I have suffered from depression all my life, even as a child. I would totally avoid the rest of my family and keep to myself. My Mom use to beg me to come out of my room, but I didn’t want to be around anyone else. Also, I should note that my son was diagnosed, in his early 30′s, with Bipolar Disorder with full blown maniac episodes, depression, OCD, ADD, and will stay awake for 3 days at a time, then crash, and sleep for 3 days, non stop.. I really believe my Dad had mental problems, he was angry all the time, loud, irritable, combative, never seemed happy, and a very serious alcoholic. Thanks for the test. I am sure it has helped me become more open minded about the possibility of being Bipolar. Does this behavior and/or symptons sound familiar to any one else out there. I could really use some input from those who have more insight into Bipolar Disorder than I do. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated! This is a terrible way to live, especially, for most, if not all of my entire life. That is a long time to have this debilitating illness, particularly, when you are in your 50′s.

  5. Bulent

    What is wrong

  6. camille houle

    I just recently been diagnosd with bipolar after a major episode. The confusing part of it is symptoms from add and anxiety as well. Most of my life i was depressed and starting at a young age i got my euphoria from cheating death with crazy insane acts. At 12 yrs old i discovered alcohol and later on, drugs helped …. But ax i got older my co dition worsened. I became to be emotionally fragile.long story short, i am on cyraquil 25 mg 2x a day, celexa 40 mg 1x a day and what really helped most is concerta 20 mg 1 x a day a d zipiclone for sleep 7 mg. Years past i was on celexa only and i knew there was something wrong still. I was sober at this time of taking celexa and i was in desperation of ridding the mental battle still going on… Today with the meds i am on i am doing much better

    1. Lc

      Hi Camille, I just wanted to thank you for your comment. It really hit home as it sounds exactly like my life….I have been running from this for so long and it is now catching up to. I have not been diagnosed but have always thought I was. Thanks for the courage in writing

  7. mohammad reza

    I asking you for a help.
    I am a graduate student in clinical psychology.
    I want standardization bipolar disorder test in the iran .
    If possible way for me to send the test scoring and interpretation.
    Thank you very much

  8. john

    hope this helps

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